Jugnu App Redesigned for Better User Experience

Jugnu | Aug 17, 2022

The product team at Jugnu believes that our web application is the salesperson that has to work efficiently and seamlessly 24/7. Our team has been working on well-designed UI/UX to make our app more user-friendly and boost conversion rates.

Being customer-focused, we are constantly working hard and smart to ensure our user experience is smooth. Our team has made some improvements in this redesign process as we focus on creating a delightful mobile app experience for our users.


Changing The SKU Format From List to Tile Format

We believe images need special attention for a design to work seamlessly on different screen sizes, especially phones. Previously, we had a list format, so the images were small, but because we want to offer the best user experience so now we’ve come up with the best size to provide maximum visibility.

Now the product team at Jugnu has redesigned the app, so we have switched to tile format where we have ample image space, and it works perfectly on every screen size, including cell phones. 

Through our thorough research and analysis, we have realized that our retailers are more visually oriented rather than text. So keeping that in focus, we have redesigned our app to have more images so it could visually attract the retailers and they can quickly sort out the products they need, including any promotions, deals, or campaigns. 


Floor Format Homepage to Bring More Visibility to Our Retailers and Manufacturers

In the older version of our app, we had one banner carousel; now, we have an SKU carousel and a floor format homepage for each category. This will help retailers find their desired products, promos, and sale campaigns, and our manufacturers will get more visibility.


Hardcore Research and Beta-Testing To Ensure Our End Users are Satisfied

“With empathy, we put customers in focus to address their needs. Our main objective with the app redesign was to make it easy for retailers to find their desired products. There’s more visibility for our manufacturers and convenience for retailers as we have a proper recommendation engine that shows products relevant to the purchases,” said Anser Shaukat – Head of Creative at Jugnu.

Great things happen when there’s a lot of experimentation involved; the same is the case with the Jugnu app. User testing was the final step in our app redesign lifecycle before setting it live. 

Commenting on the user testing, Hafsa Zulfiqar, UI/UX designer at Jugnu said: “There was a plus sign that users could click on, which would lead to different products but through our research and user testing, we realized that our retailers are more into clicking on the image.” 


Hence, Jugnu’s app redesign fulfills the external business requirements of retailers – providing solutions so we can uplift SME retailers and bring more visibility to our manufacturers and suppliers.


Romesa Awan

The writer of this blog is a marketing intern at Jugnu. She just entered her twenties and believes adulthood is hard, but a little ‘me-time’ helps. From feel-good period dramas to murder documentaries, she always cries when watching a movie.

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