Uplifting Livelihoods Through Jugnu’s Sarmaya Partner Program

Jugnu | Aug 25, 2022

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) is a simple and transparent payment solution that is being used globally as an effective way to spread out the pain of one-time purchases through delayed payment options. It has been proven advantageous to both buyers and sellers as the ease of making multiple payments over time can make a purchase seem more appealing.

We at Jugnu are constantly working endlessly to address the pain points of retailers. Hence through our platform retailers looking to gain an edge in the market are presented with real opportunities.

Jugnu’s Sarmaya Partner Program is one such initiative enabling us to identify & troubleshoot the challenges faced by SME retailers. The inception of the program took place shortly after Jugnu entered a strategic alliance with MENA-based B2B e-commerce giant Sary, raising $22.5 million in its series A.

The Sarmaya partner program aims to resolve two most significant problems SME retailers face:

  • Limited Working Capital: Poor cash flow is the primary reason why most small-scale businesses fail.
  • Ease of Access to Credit: Obtaining credit through traditional channels is both time-consuming & unreliable and usually requires provisioning of collateral to obtain funds.

Team Jugnu is always working towards our mission of helping small businesses unlock their true growth potential, and the BNPL in-app feature is another proof of our retail-focused services where credit provisioning is based upon data-driven insights to ensure the best possible appropriation of resources.

Here are some benefits retailers enjoy through Jugnu’s BNPL Sarmaya program:


Practical, in-app solution

Unlocking the growth potentials of small retailers through a user-friendly in-app solution with which they can delay the payments for present consumption. Tech integration has made the onboarding process seamless in nature.

No uncertainty about capital access

Through this initiative, retailers could focus on their core business without any fear of uncertain capital access. Credits limits are predetermined & communicated promptly. Moreover, they can enjoy a preferred level of efficient stock procurement.

Better Sales

Stockouts are a retailer’s worst nightmare, especially during peak season but with Jugnu’s Sarmaya program retailers are never out of stock due to liquidity crunch hence enabling them to higher sales levels and offer a wider range of SKUs.

Jugnu, founded in 2019, has been making continuous efforts since day one to help SME retailers do their business with ease. We are constantly evolving and undergoing growth, reaching a customer base of over 30,000 kiryanas across Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi, with future plans to expand into other major cities. Jugnu Sarmaya BNPL is also a part of our constant innovation and commitment towards lighting up the livelihoods of SME retailers.

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